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C.1  Comment 1 is the most unhelpful one because it has lots slang and it can be 
really tricky to read.
C.2  Comment 2 is quite helpful but it is a little bit unnecessary
C.3  Comment 3 is  helpful because it is easy to understand and it has no spelling

C.4 Comment 4 is not very helpful because it has spelling errors and it doesn't say 
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C.5 Comment 5 is probably the best in my opinion because it is detailed, has the 
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C.6 I think 6 isn't helpful because it doesn't say who its from.   

C.7 7 is really bad because its say only a few words.

C.8 8 is unnecessary and a bit weird

(Connectives writing)

One Christmas morning when Annabel was up bright and early while her family were still sleeping. Annabel was kindly and quietly wrapping the extra Christmas presents that her family forgot to wrap. and at this very moment she heard the sound of foot steps on the snow, the foot steps were very loud. Even though Annabel got very scared she creeped up to the window and peeked up to see who the person or thing was. just as she did that she saw the scariest looking right at her so she scrammed back to her bed and hid under there until her mum woke up and came to see her Annabel was petrified and never wanted to get up early alone again!..










About Me!

Hi my Name is Evie,

I am 11 years old and my Birthday is 28 of nov

I love hockey, cheer and soccer.

I also love spending time with friends.

I have 1 pet dog called Pedro

foods that I like are chocolate, ice-cream and tuna rice and avocado.